Who we are

 PLAN was founded 20 years ago in Bologna within the CISL trade union and during the 90’s it has become an autonomous body based on joint cooperation among its members, who are all professionals working closely with public and private social organizations and training centers.

We have developed several collaborations with a wide range of customers, consolidating our expertise and focusing more and more on the production work-flows and on conveying know how in order to innovate the learning processes and to improve human resources development.

Our mission is to contribute to enhance the planning, managerial and vocational expertise of our customers (individuals or organizations) by developing their human and cognitive capital.

We care about the reciprocity, and the integration between individual emancipation and organizational development, between social and economic growth, between workers’ needs and organizations’ objectives.

We commit ourselves in innovating the learning and training processes of young people and adults, but our target groups are also training bodies and their professionals.

Today we offer consulting, research and training services to improve HR development in enterprises, in the Public Administration and in the educational system.

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