Our people/about us

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Today Plan is a cooperative association of senior professionals that has developed strong competencies in the fields of organizational consulting, vocational training, executive coaching, and in social and educational research. But first of all Plan is a team of people who have a common approach and share the same mission and vision.

Cesare Bentivogli

Team Leader of complex projects. He is an expert in organizational analysis, in the evaluation of educational needs, in the development of vocational training programs and in project management. In the last years he has been consultant to the social partners in the field of concerted training. He has published several essays and articles on this topic.

Mario Catani

Sociologist of Work and Organization, expert in training tecniques. He has been working as teacher in the academic field for years. Besides, he has been researcher, trainer and consultant and has published essays on the learning processes of individuals and organizations.

Patrizia Grazioli

Sociologist, she has extensive experience in social research and quantitative analysis. She has conducted many studies on the labour market, also at university level. She is author of several essays and articles on labour-related problems and issues.

Carmine Marmo

Andragogist and pedagogue, expert in learning theories. He has carried out training courses on the improvement of social competencies for different target audiences. He is therefore author of articles and essays on these topics.

Deborah Morgagni

Sociologist, she has extensive experience in social and evaluative research, both in the organizational and educational field. After her Ph.D. in Sociology of work, she has been working as consultant in the field of organizational analysis and as trainer at the university and in private enterprises. She has published several works.

Massimo Ricci

Statistician, expert in qualitative analysis and data processing. He has gained extended experience in business administration as well as in economic and financial management. He is Forecasting & Administration Consultant in the field of public financing.

Gianluigi Vignoli

Job consultant, he has gained extended experience as Human Resources Manager both in public and private institutions. He is an expert in Human Resource management.