Our approach

In carrying out the projects, PLAN finalizes with the customers the best strategies for the development of:

  • strong strategic and systemic visions

  • effective and efficient processes

  • appropriate IT systems

  • consistent expertise

  • continuing learning approaches

  • team work in a positive working environment

  • human resources evaluation systems

  • useful and feasible projects, bound to reality


Moreover, in carrying out its projects, PLAN pays particular attention to those actions aimed at:

  • applying a multidisciplinary and systemic approach to the context in which it is operating, both at the stage of diagnosis and at the planning stage.

  • assisting the customers in their decisional, change and improvement processes

  • enhancing the organization’s identity, its talents and its social and human capital

  • improving team work and integrating the experiences acquired through consultancy with those of the customer

  • carrying out a continuous benchmarking both at national and international level on the projects and on the success experiences under investigation

  • applied research and development through the continuous exchange with other research centres, also within the academic world